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Time Commitment

An online class is different from a face-to-face class. Often you may spend more time in an online class than a face-to-face class. Please make sure that you allocate enough time for the following activities:

  • Reading, watching, and/or listening to course presentations
  • Participating in online discussions (class or group)
  • Communicating with the instructor
  • Completing assignments or projects


Communication is very important in an online class. As you do not meet face-to-face, there are 3 ways that you can communicate with your instructor or with other members of the class:

  • Discussion Board/Forums
    • All questions about course policies, procedures, and assignments are to be posted on the discussion board/forums.
  • Chat Room
    • From time to time, you may be required to log into the Chat Room for either formal sessions with the instructor or informal sessions with your classmates.
  • E-mail
    • The turnaround time for e-mail correspondence with your instructor is usually 48 hours.

Make sure that you review the communication policies set by your instructor.


Due Dates and Deadlines

All projects and assignments are self-paced. Once you complete a module and obtain the appropriate score (usually 80% or above) on the quiz at the end of that module, you will be able to proceed to the next module.

However, even though this course is self-paced, you are required to complete all the modules successfully within the time period allocated for the course (e.g. 14 weeks).


Basic Computer Skills

In an online class, you need to have basic computer skills as you may be required to do the following:

  • Copy Files
  • Download Files/Software
  • Install Software
  • Create Folders
  • Upload Files
  • Zip Folders
  • Unzip Folders

Course Feedback

Please fill in the course feedback form at the completion of the course. The course feedback is very important to us as we continually strive to create more robust online courses that meet your needs.